This website was created to share the awesomeness of comics and being a kid again. We combined two things we love, Comics and Surprises into one thing: Mystery Comic Shop. We want our customers to have the joy of opening up a package that they have no clue what’s inside and being excited. Once you see what random comic goodies await inside you will have some cool stuff to add to your collection.

We have thousands and thousands of comics in stock that we use to randomly pack of mystery comic packages. We acquire most of our comics from purchasing private collections and auctions.

Welcome to Mystery Comics Shop

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rightMystery Comic Shop sells comic books in mystery grab bags delivered monthly. Its simple: You select what package you want and we send you random comics sure to make you happy every month.  Our goal is to put a smile on our customers face when they open up their mystery comic goodies to see what cool and exciting comics they received. Its like your birthday when one of our mystery comic packages shows up.

This is a great service for comic collectors both new and O.G. We offer several different packages to choose from whether you more or a Marvel or DC comic book fan. Our comic packages will also have a few Independent comics thrown in there.

Most of the comics that we ship are Bronze Age and Modern comics with a few Silver and Golden Age thrown into some packages. Some packs will have very valuable Key issues, however most do not. Our packages are packed randomly so we never know who is going to get what, that’s part of the fun!

Almost all the comics we ship are in Very Good condition or better. They will come in a protective bag and bend resistant packaging.

Comics Delivered Monthly 

Buying comic books in a lot like how we sell them (lots of 5 or 20) makes its fun. You never know what you are going to get! We make sure to put a fair amount of older, silver and bronze age comics in our lots as well as a #1 in each shipment. We wanted to give comic collectors a service where they could spend a minimal amount of money and get their worth with the excitement of not knowing what comics they are receiving. We do our best to ensure that the contents of each comic lot is worth what you pay or more.

The different comic lots that we offer also have the possibility of a key issue in them. To be very honest we acquire large amounts of comics from private collections and estates and pack them randomly. There are many times key issues in these collections and they get shipped out with our comic book lots as well.





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